Monday, March 14, 2011

Recent Minutes

1) Pennies for Patients
a. We will be collecting until March 25.
b. Collecting after school.
c. Need to raise $350 for leukemia patients!
      i. Class with most money gets a pizza party

2) Full Council meeting with Mr. Dewar on 3/17 @ 2:15pm

3) StuCo night meeting= 3/30

4) Hypnotists show
a. April 7th 6:30pm
b. Tickets = $7 ahead $9 at door

5) Talent Show
a. 4/28
b. Rehearsal = 4/25 5-7pm
c. Superlative type awards

6) EPOCH Easter Event
a. 4/22 = no school; morning

7) Tuxtown
a. Advertising the tuxes = free rental
b. Call them with info on the card
c. If you need contact info talk to Kristin

8) Cradles to Crayons will hopefully take place in the Fal
9) Team Building= coming soon

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