Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Homecoming Committee 10/6/11

• Committee Meetings
o Not mandatory but we encourage people to come
o Committee chairs will be elected at each different committee meetings
o Everyone needs to help out with homecoming in some way

• Homecoming Committee Chair
o Amelia!!
o Needs to:
Come to the officer meetings
Take notes
And report back to the president

• Homecoming Decorations
o Divide the cafeteria in ¾ or not at all
o Picture Place
Blow up pumpkin or ghost, or real pumpkins and hay
o Glow in the dark skeletons
o Spider webs
o Halloween lights
o Fog machine
o Strobe lights
o Streamers
o Balloons
o Pumpkins on tables
o Cut out cats and tombstones
o Candy in bowls on tables
**Also we have a bag of stuff to go through form sophomore class advisor**
**We will have to buy most of the decorations for homecoming**

• Homecoming Court
o Some nominations are hurtful!
o Propose getting rid of the court
o Ask the people who have been nominated whether or not they want to be on the court.

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